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Museum of Light - Horizon
$7.99 - $24.99

  • Museum of Light - Horizon
  • Museum of Light - Horizon
  • Museum of Light - Horizon
  • Museum of Light - Horizon

Museum of Light - Horizon
$7.99 - $24.99

European customers, pick this up from our EU/UK Store and save on shipping!

Museum of Light's debut record, Horizon, pulls between two poles: big, crushing, overwhelmingly heavy riffs and dreamy, Zen-like washes of ambience and found sound. Horizon is a lush, dense, and cinematic record, but without the self-seriousness and lack of restraint that underscores many other releases within the genre.  In a time where there are truly no restrictions to music, both in content and approach, the addition by subtraction philosophy brings a different type of gravity to the listening experience. The challenge of exercising restraint and employing elements of simplicity makes every moment of Horizon meaningful -- there is not a wasted note nor an expendable moment.

Track Listing

  1. Organelle
  2. Waves
  3. Cal
  4. Soft Openings
  5. Drug School
  6. How Everybody Dies
  7. Dethenger
  8. Bad Electricity
  9. Sirens
  10. Love Song (Bonus Track)
  11. New Money (Bonus Track)

Pressing Information

First pressing limited to 300 copies:

• Nebula (Neon Orange inside Gold and Beer Half and Half) (200)
• Hypernova (Bone with Neon Orange, Gold, and Black Splatter) (100)

Full color jacket printed on reverseboard stock with full-color printed insert.

This is a pre-order. All pre-orders include an instant hi-quality download of the singles "Soft Openings" and "Drug School" and a full album download on June 10th. All pre-orders include the bonus tracks "Love Song" and "New Money."

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