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Unwed Sailor The Faithful Anchor 20th Anniversary Edition Available November 19th! 17 September 2021

We’re proud to present the 20th Anniversary Edition of Unwed Sailor's post-rock instrumental classic, The Faithful Anchor. Two decades ago, this landmark release helped define modern instrumental music with its emotive storytelling, cinematic arcs, and dynamic arrangements. This special edition... Read More

Spartan Profile #11: Chris Simpson (Mountain Time / Mineral) 16 September 2021

As we continue to tell the story of Mountain Time’s Saint Francis, Zookeeper we called upon ringleader Chris Simpson to discuss this fascinating time in his life and the lives of so many -- and in doing so, we were... Read More

Mountain Time Saint Francis, Zookeeper Retrospective Available Now! 27 August 2021

Mountain Time's Saint Francis, Zookeeper retrospective is available now! The release celebrates Chris Simpson's (Mineral, The Gloria Record) lost years -- the first two Zookeeper records, remastered, plus three never before heard songs. All told, the album features 18 songs... Read More

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