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Stream Hidden Hospitals' New Album "Liars" Exclusively at Billboard 16 May 2018

Stream Hidden Hospitals' new album Liars in its entirely before it comes out this Friday exclusively at Billboard and join them tomorrow for Reddit #AMA at 4 PM EST. The band will celebrate the release of Liars with a special... Read More

Secret Stuff Premiere New Song "2828", A Collaboration with Square Peg Round Hole 25 April 2018

Secret Stuff's new song "2828" is a very special collaboration with our friends in Square Peg Round Hole. It's a story about loss and how the power of music can help us rebuild and move forward. Listen now at The... Read More

Kiska Premiere New and Final Song "Nibiru" 23 April 2018

Conspiracy theorists believe that our civilization will meet its ultimate demise today when the mystical planet Niribu makes impact with the Earth. Scientists everywhere have debunked this theory as a hoax, and whether it’s true or not, there is one... Read More

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