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Trespassers - "Rival Glass" EP
$4.99 $0.99 - $1.99

  • Trespassers -

Trespassers - "Rival Glass" EP
$4.99 $0.99 - $1.99

The start of a new year comes with a new set of goals. Determination breeds new ambitions and the past is left securely in the rear view mirror. For the upstate New York-based quintet, Trespassers, this is the year to give rise to those ambitions. And with the first chords of the band's new EP Rival Glass, it is obvious that band has has its sights set squarely on the future. Rival Glass starts with the explosive "Dead End" and embarks on a five-song journey that not only cements the band's trademark for writing melodic and emotional songs with a colossal backbone, but explores new sonic territory as well. This is the year for Trespassers -- with the arrival of the EP, there is no turning back.

Track Listing

  1. Dead End
  2. Eclipse
  3. Thereafter
  4. No Solace
  5. Sinking Stone

Pressing Information

Digipak with 3 panels.

All orders come with an instant high-quality digital download of Rival Glass.