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Over the Ocean - "Paper House"

  • Over the Ocean -

Over the Ocean - "Paper House"

Over the Oceans's debut album, "Paper House," is a refreshing and dynamic collection of original and inspired songs. During the album's quieter moments, you will suddenly find yourself within a moment of introspection - then a moment later, the climactic swell of big guitars, bombastic drums, and vocals will blanket your arms with goosebumps. Over the Ocean's sonic landscape is sprinkled with feedback, distortion, echo, and dissonance - but the sum of those things is a beautiful and memorable collection of songs. Fans of bands like Explosions In The Sky, Mogwai, mewithoutYou, Sigur Rós, and Appleseed Cast will undoubtedly appreciate the band's sound. "Paper House" is available now at major digital retailers everywhere with three additional bonus tracks.

Track Listing

  1. To Hear The Spirit
  2. Everything Will Change
  3. The Rich, the Poor,
  4. Something I Was Not
  5. Paper House
  6. Build Your Kingdom
  7. While You're Raising the Dead
  8. [untitled]
  9. I Will Be Silent
  10. On the Earth (Demo)
  11. Something I Was Not (Acoustic)
  12. I Will Be Silent (Acoustic)