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The Darling Fire - "Dark Celebration" 3 LP Bundle

  • The Darling Fire -

The Darling Fire - "Dark Celebration" 3 LP Bundle

After years of individual success in some of the scene's most beloved bands, The Darling Fire was born of both deep struggle and deeper friendships. A veritable mosaic of indie notoriety, the band features members or ex-members of The Rocking Horse Winner, Further Seems Forever, Dashboard Confessional, Poison The Well, Shai Hulud, As Friends Rust, and Strongarm among others. The debut album, Dark Celebration, is in many ways what you'd anticipate — energetic, powerful, melodic, and heavy; however, it is far more nuanced than you would imagine. The collective sum of the parts and the alluring heart-on-sleeve lyrics produce a more intimate, spacey and bewitching experience — an authenticity that speaks to the true cathartic nature of the project. The result of their collaboration with producer J. Robbins (Jawbox, Burning Airlines, Government Issue) is a powerful coalescence of artistry and vision — a record that five artists spent their entire careers waiting to make.

Track Listing

  1. For the Loveless
  2. Nevertwin
  3. Omaha
  4. Catatonia
  5. Silver Spider
  6. The Constant
  7. Saints in Masquerade
  8. In Twilight

Pressing Information

First pressing limited to 500 copies:

• "Wildfire" (250)
• "Night Sky" (150)
• "Timber" (100)

Full color jacket printed on reverseboard stock with a 12" x 12" uncoated insert.

This is a pre-order. All orders come with an instant of the singles "For the Loveless" and "The Constant" and a high-quality download of Dark Celebration on June 14th.

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