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New Honey and Salt Song "A Nihilist Takes Up Knitting" Premiering Now at Post-Trash! March 15, 2018

The upcoming self-titled album from Austin's Honey and Salt will be released everywhere on April 6th! We've teamed up with Post-Trash to premiere the the raucous opening track "A Nihilist Takes Up Knitting." Along with an in-depth interview, Post-Trash praised the album saying, "the record is full of dazzling math-rock workmanship, but it mains a pop spirit underneath it all, turning songs of technical wizardry into something you can hum along with." Listen to the song here and pre-order the album to get an instant download of two new songs now!

"A Nihilist Takes Up Knitting" is something of a mission statement for the new album. The track highlights the band's ability to blend Kinsella-esque guitar work and intricate melodies with the grit and lyrical depth of DC's Revolution Summer. Honey and Salt hasn't just inherited the sounds of those Dischord halcyon days, the band's lyrics pack a sociopolitical punch as well. The album finds Honey and Salt wrestling with the chaotic climate of today and searching for the means to stay optimistic despite national and global issues that can appear insurmountable. Throughout the album's lyrics, vocalist/guitarist Wade Allen (a former philosophy teacher) asks difficult questions about our humanity and the pull of complacency in times of despair, as well as the power of art for solace and inspiration.

Don't miss Honey and Salt at SXSW! March 8, 2018

Are you headed to Austin for this year's SXSW? If so, don't miss Honey and Salt performing songs from their upcoming self-titled album all week long...and if you haven't yet, pre-order the album on some stunning limited edition vinyl here to get an instant download of the new song "Simple Errors."

3/12 - Monday // Howdy Gals Spider House Kick-Off
3/14 - Wednesday // 2nd Annual South By Hikes Fest!
3/14 - Wednesday // Ovrld & Melted Magazine Present: This Must Be The Place
3/15 - Thursday // SX at The Audubon Society!
3/16 - Friday // Austin 3:16 SXSWhoopAss at the Tremble Inn
3/17 - Saturday // Howdy Gals Beerland All Day Party
3/17 - Saturday // Paradigms' Math-Rock SXSW St. Patricks House Showcase

New Hidden Hospitals Album "Liars" Out May 18th. Stream the Title Track at BrooklynVegan! March 1, 2018

We’re beyond excited to partner with Hidden Hospitals for the release of their sophomore full-length Liars on May 18th. Stream the title track at BrooklynVegan and pre-order the album on limited edition vinyl to get an instant download of three songs now + three b-sides on release date.

Hidden Hospitals' sound is CPR for rock and roll’s dying aesthetic. And on Liars, the sound oscillates around modern rock and cult electronica, with lyrics balancing everyday dualities from the first line— "I lost my fingers when I found my fists." — to the last breath. Together, they create a sound and story that are a pulse of hope grounded in the reality of authentic relationships and experiences.

Watch the Premiere of Dearist's "Drowning" Music Video at Upset Magazine! February 27, 2018

Watch the premiere of Dearist's new music video for “Drowning” at Upset Magazine! The song comes from the band’s upcoming album Sonder which out is out everywhere April 27th! Pre-order the album on limited edition vinyl to get an instant download of the song now!

"This song made it onto the new album pretty early," says vocalist Adam Binder. "I was listening to a lot of mid-tempo 90s alternative rock at the time and I wanted to write a song with that same semi-dreamy vibe. I had that intro riff going on a loop pedal in the studio for about two hours just vibing off it. As for the lyrical content, like all songs on this new album, it’s written about other people I know, and what it would be like to be in their shoes. 'Drowning' is about a person that has been through a tough time and they are finding it hard to move on with their life. It’s about getting stuck in what’s happened in the past and not being able to shake off those experiences."

An Introduction to Honey and Salt! February 26, 2018

Want to know more about Austin’s Honey and Salt? Get an introduction to the band and be on the lookout for their new self-titled album out everywhere April 6th! Pre-order the album on limited edition vinyl to get an instant download of the first single "Simple Errors" here!

New Man Mountain Song "Illumination Rings" Premiering at Gold Flake Paint! February 20, 2018

The debut album from the Detroit, Michigan post-rock 4-piece Man Mountain Infinity Mirror will be released on March 16th and we're proud to premiere the new song "Illumination Rings" today at Gold Flake Paint which can be heard here.

Gold Flake Paint writes: "...unravelling over eight-and-a-half voluminous, spell-binding minutes while still retaining a sense of hidden captivation throughout...a colossal undertaking, a majestic concoction of Explosions In The Sky-esque melodrama and stirring, boisterous, instrumental runs that powerfully thrive and swell like the most riveting of storms, one you’ve watched approach from way out on the horizon, bold and brilliant in its display and delivery."

Infinity Mirror is available for pre-order now on limited edition 180 gram vinyl and compact disc. All pre-orders include an instant download of "Memory Trace," as well as a free download of the band's debut EP, To Call Each Thing By Its Right Name, which has been remastered and re-released with new artwork.

Welcome Dearist to the Spartan Family! New album "Sonder" Out April 27th! February 15, 2018

Welcome Wolverhampton, UK's Dearist to the Spartan family! From this sleepy midland town comes a modern British take on the likes of American pioneers like Taking Back Sunday, Rival Schools, and Thursday. We’re excited to release the band's new album Sonder everywhere on April 27th. Listen to the new single "Drowning" at The Alternative and pre-order the album on limited edition vinyl to get an instant download of the new song and the band’s newly remastered debut album This House Has No Windows.

New Honey and Salt Song "Simple Errors" Premiering at UPROXX! February 6, 2018

The new self-titled album from Austin's Honey and Salt will be released on April 6th and we've teamed up with UPROXX to premiere the album's kinetic first single, "Simple Errors." The song exemplifies Honey and Salt's ability to make highly intricate music into something incredibly accessible. The trio injects every moment of their new album with melody, deftly utilizing everything from Kinsella-esque guitar lines, to post-rock dynamics, to hardcore ferocity — all while packing an emotional resonance straight out of DC’s Revolution Summer.

The album finds the band wrestling with the inescapable distress of today's sociopolitical climate, and searching for the means to stay optimistic despite national or global issues that appear insurmountable. Throughout the album the band asks difficult questions about our humanity in times of despair, as they to resist the pull of complacency and instead turn to art for solace and inspiration.

Honey and Salt is available for pre-order now on limited edition vinyl here. All pre-orders include an instant high quality download of "Simple Errors" and a full album download on April 6th.